NZ Citizenship Simplified

The common complaint that we hear from our clients is that the treaty rights are extremely tough to understand. They can’t really be blamed as NZ citizenship can often be very confusing with the legal wordings.

That’s the goal of this article though. We want to make NZ citizenship simple for you. The format for this article will be simple Q/A or FAQs.

We collected a selection of questions that our clients ask about NZ citizenship and we will now be answering them one by one.

There’s no particular order of importance. We just think this is the right order.

Let’s begin.

NZ Citizenship Simplified With Common FAQs

Qualifying or Permitted Family Member

This is actually a very interesting question and it is not your fault that you got confused. You see, you should apply as a qualifying family member only if your spouse or partner is from NZ or if you are a direct descendant of someone who is an NZ citizen.

On the other hand, you should apply for a permitted family member residency if you are a dependent of someone living in NZ or if you require personal care from someone who is an NZ citizen.

How Long It Takes For Decision

Decisions can take as long as 6 months though most of the decisions are processed earlier than that. Once you have a decision, you will receive a letter that explains everything.

How to Get My Passport Back

You don’t really have to submit original copies of everything anymore. That was an old rule. Now you should only submit photocopies which obviously, you are not going to get back.

Can I Stay When My Application is Being Processed?

You might, though INIS says that it is subject to the time of consideration including your passport’s validity. If you don’t have enough documents with you to support your application, you might not be allowed to stay.

Can You Prioritise My Case?

Unfortunately, no. Applications are processed as they are received. You cannot prioritise any of the applications.

How to Track My Application?

Simply email who will give you an update in the reply email. Make sure that you are providing the IDs and application details on your email.

Note: If you have applied with an immigration lawyer, you should contact them for the updates as they are the applicants in this case.

What’s the Sending Address For Applications?

NZ Treaty Rights Unit
Residence Division
NZ Naturalisation & Immigration Service

Generally, these are the most common questions we receive every day from our clients. Do you have a question that we didn’t answer? Simply give us a call and we will try to assist you.

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